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Supplying Fresh & High-Quality Sushi Products

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Partnered with upscale supermarkets, hotels, cafeterias, and universities, we provide highly trained, experienced chefs who prepare delicious Japanese dishes daily with exquisitely seasoned rice, crisp sliced vegetables, and the freshest seafood available. Then, all these delectable products are professionally displayed in ready-to-go sushi containers. We guarantee not only the highest quality sushi, but also first-class customer service. This is because customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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At Yummi Sushi, our Mission is to provide the highest safety practices, uncompromised food safety, best quality products, exceptional customer service, with stability and growth for all stakeholders.

Sushi Rolls

Elevate your culinary experience with a variety of meticulously prepared options, from classic California rolls to innovative tempura-filled creations. Each roll features the finest ingredients, including premium sushi-grade fish, crisp vegetables, and seasoned rice, expertly rolled to perfection. Our sushi rolls offer a convenient and delectable way to savor the art of Japanese cuisine.

Poke Bowls

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Our vibrant poke bowls include a delightful array of fresh ingredients, including succulent chunks of marinated seafood, wholesome vegetables, and flavorful sauces.  We offer a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, bringing the essence of the Pacific Islands as a convenient and nutritious meal to enjoy a taste of paradise on the go.


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We offer a diverse selection of Pan-Asian foods with savory spice profiles.  Our collection brings together the best of the continent’s culinary traditions with a blend of ingredients, sauces and ready-to-eat options that recreate the vibrant and rich tapestry of Pan-Asian Cuisine that marry taste and aroma for a delicious meal.

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Franchise Opportunities

& Partnerships

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Our Services


Yummi Sushi offers a different dimension to your traditional, established, "ready to eat" foods. With us as your partner, you can offer the freshest, healthiest foods that will attract the health conscious customers that would otherwise not consider getting a "ready to eat" snack or meal. 

Corporate Dining

As your strategic dining partner, our singular focus is to be the addition to your existing food program to help you make the most out of your dining program. We deliver delicious sushi and other Asian inspired, simple meals that provide a competitive advantage to your organization.



Our culinary standard is simple. As a company to committed to fresh ingredients and traditional sushi making techniques, we know truly fresh food. We use ingredients that are locally-sourced whenever possible, building customized menus around what’s in season, not what’s preserved.


We provide a light and healthy addition to the campus cafeteria in order to satisfy nutritional as well as cultural needs of an ever fluctuating, diverse group of people. Students and faculty alike can enjoy a satisfying and energy packed meal, conveniently on the go. 


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