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It all began with an idea...

Yummi Sushi was founded in 2010 with its first restaurant in Irving, Texas. As a result of that restaurant, the organization has evolved into a leading supplier of fresh, high-quality sushi products throughout the United States. Partnered with upscale supermarkets, hotels, cafeterias, and universities, we provide highly trained, experienced chefs who prepare delicious Japanese dishes daily with exquisitely seasoned rice, crisp sliced vegetables, and the freshest seafood available. Yummi Sushi’s delectable products are professionally displayed in ready-to-go sushi containers to delight those seeking nutritious and convenient meal options. We guarantee not only the highest quality sushi, but also first-class customer service. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Our Founders

Yummi Sushi’s commitment to excellent service and quality products begins with its founders, Thein and Katie Aung.


Thein Aung earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina specializing in business management and marketing. Thein’s focus is developing an organizational culture emphasizing efficiency, and a stimulating work environment for Yummi Sushi’s employees and partners through professionalism, integrity, and customer relations.


Katie Aung is a published research scientist who earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Katie’s expertise includes the institution of stringent safe-handling procedures, and testing for all Yummi Sushi’s products.

Together with highly trained and skilled chefs, Thein and Katie Aung nurture a formidable core for an organization promoting growth for its clients, partners, and employees.


Thein & Katie Aung

Our Officers

Thein Aung



Katie Aung

Owner/Executive Chair


Andrew Compton

Sr. VP of Finance


James Balistriere

Sr. VP of Merchandising
and Operations


Van Nawl

VP of Field Operations

Our Mission

At Yummi Sushi, our Mission is to provide the highest safety practices, uncompromised food safety, best quality products, exceptional customer service, with stability and growth for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

We will become an industry leader in quality food products that are conveniently delivered by achieving our mission, where integrity and attention to operational details are key foundation principles of all our practices.

Our Purpose

We exist to provide income and prosperity to all partners involved in achieving our value creating Mission and Vision. 

Our Core Values

Our Core Values define who we are. Rooted in integrity, innovation and a relentless commitment to excellence, these values shape everything that we do.


  • Safety First (People, Products, Processes, & Practices) 

  • People Are Our Greatest Resource

  • Product Creativity & Consistency Is Essential (We do not cut corners)

  • Hard Work Is Highly Valued In Our Company

  • We Will Always Work For "Win-Win" Results

  • We Will Have A Mindset of Service, Combined With a Passion for Excellence 

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