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2024 Yummi Sushi Brand Refresh

We are excited to be supplying all our Yummi Sushi kiosks with new graphics and materials to stand out in a bustling market. Our materials are designed to give the kiosk a vibrant and modern identity that attracts customers and keeps them coming back!

Why are we doing this?

Stay Relevant: In a fast-paced market, staying current is key. Our materials ensure each kiosk remains relevant and appealing to today's customers.

Boost Engagement: A refreshed brand grabs attention. With eye-catching designs and engaging visuals, we’ll draw in more foot traffic and spark interest in our sushi.

Build Trust: Consistent and professional branding builds credibility. We want to show our customers we are dedicated to quality and they will trust and choose our sushi products.



The box you received has all the materials needed to update the kiosk. We ask that you fill out the following form, so we know that you have the brand materials in your possession. Your Regional General Manager will be in touch to schedule a time to do the installation of the assets.

Please fill out the following fields to confirm the box is in your possession:


If any of the materials are damaged, sized incorrectly or you need extra materials, please contact us with the following form:


Once the brand assets are installed, the last step is sharing a picture of the updated kiosk. Please fill out the following form and share a photo.

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