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Our Products

Yummi Sushi’s commitment is “Our products must be the best” and therefore we pay attention to details in all area of our products development. Not only do our discriminating, well-trained chefs use only the highest quality and freshest ingredients, creating the finest sushi products, but we also have a professional packaging presentation. But we do not stop there. We work very hard day-in day-out to give our customers the “Consistency Guaranteed” products across all of our sushi locations. Most products we use in our foods are certified by The Marine Stewardship Council, committing us to protect our oceans and environment. We have built our company culture based on a sustainable seafood program.



Our Services

All our employees and contractors must go through extensive training in not only food preparation, but quality control, including learning our HACCP and customer service procedures.  Once our employees and contractors complete their initial training, it is a standard practice that they continue training on a regular basis.

          We contract and implement a profit sharing system with our chefs.  This allows you, our client, to have one channel of communication with us.  This also allows us to maintain complete control of our operations to ensure consistency, sustainability and trace-ability. 



Yummi Sushi offers a different dimension to your traditional, established, "ready to eat" foods. With us as your partner, you can offer the freshest, healthiest foods that will attract the health conscious customers that would otherwise not consider getting a "ready to eat" snack or meal. The benefits for the supermarket are:

  • all kiosks are company owned/operated

  • a new source of revenue

  • minimal impedance to the supermarket's staff

  • increased size of customer base

  • a more satisfied customer base creating customer loyalty

Sushi at a grocery store

Corporate Dining

As your strategic dining partner, our singular focus is to be the addition to your existing food program to help you make the most out of your dining program. We deliver delicious sushi and other Asian inspired, simple meals that provide a competitive advantage to your organization, strengthening the impact of any health and wellness programs your company might have in place, increasing revenue from dining, and positioning your organization as an employer of choice for quality employees.

Whether you’re looking to take that next step towards improving employee wellness, control costs or would just like to broaden your employees' and guests' food choices, our unique approach to dining services will improve your position in the market and benefit your business.

Sushi at a corporate event


Our culinary standard is simple. As a company to committed to fresh ingredients and traditional sushi making techniques, we know truly fresh food. We use ingredients that are locally-sourced whenever possible, building customized menus around what’s in season, not what’s preserved.

This means your guests won’t have to compromise when it comes to what they eat. Whether they are looking for a quick bite between meetings, catching up with colleagues during lunch, or enjoying the catering during a business convention, we have designed our customized dining solutions to cater to their needs, delivering authentic dishes with flavors and aromas that create excitement with every meal.

Sushi catering


We provide a light and healthy addition to the campus cafeteria in order to satisfy nutritional as well as cultural needs of an ever fluctuating, diverse group of people. Class schedules sometimes requires a meal on the run and with our sushi trays and Poke bowls, students and faculty alike can enjoy a light, satisfying and energy packed meal, conveniently on the go. Yummi Sushi can provide a new and exciting resource for any university's meal plan with food that is healthy and nutrition packed, while being both exciting and satisfying.    

Sushi at a grocery store
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