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Introducing Our President, Sam Floyd, and Celebrating Growth at GBC Food Services

We are thrilled to share the appointment of Sam Floyd as our President.

Sam Floyd brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization, blending a distinguished career in military leadership with extensive private sector accomplishments. With a background as a global strategic sourcing executive and a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the U.S. Army, with his highest position as a military aid to President George W. Bush’s administration in 2005-2009, Sam possesses a unique skill set that encompasses strategic vision, operational excellence, and transformative leadership.

“We are excited to have Sam Floyd as our President working beside us to ensure our vision of Culinary Craftsmanship, Conveniently Delivered exceeds all expectations for our clients and their customers,” shared Thein & Katie Aung, Co-founders of GBC Food Services.

Throughout his illustrious career, Sam has held various executive positions in the private sector upon his retirement from the military in 2009. Sam served as Vice President of Business Development for Ecolog International, Vice President and General Manager for ACCL International, Senior Director of Strategy and Program Management for enVista, Vice President of Supply Chain, Logistics Business Line & Contingency Operations for DynCorp. Sam notably managed global sourcing and procurement in 16 countries, executing $1B in awarded contracts oversaw a $35M Iraq HRMS contract with deliverables over 3 years, led an international procurement team that won $1.2B in large government contracts, negotiated 108 critical subcontracts valued at $350M for DynCorp International, and negotiated over $13M in cost savings through service agreement negotiations.

Sam has made an indelible impact on our organization since joining GBC Food Services first as a consultant in June 2023, and then as our President since September 1, 2023.  His visionary leadership has galvanized our teams, driving growth and fostering a culture of inclusiveness and excellence. Sam's strategic acumen, coupled with his compassionate and empathetic leadership style, has enabled us to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in a rapidly evolving food services landscape.

During his first eight months with us, Sam has demonstrated unwavering commitment to our mission and values, delivering tangible results that positively impact our employees, and clients. His dedication to enhancing lives and achieving business prosperity is evident in every decision he makes and every action he takes.

Sam holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois. He is also certified in ProSci Change Management, proficient in CPM and Six Sigma, and holds Top Secret clearance with the United States Army.

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